60 Second Day

My days are pretty peaceful; the one I’ve filmed for this assignment is no exception. I chose to do the ’60 Second Day’ assignment because I like watching vlogs sometimes, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at my own vlog-type video. Compressing everything down into 60 seconds was difficult, but I managed somehow. I like the aesthetic of writing out the title and ending credits scenes instead of using a video editor to do them, so the video starts and ends with my own really mess handwriting. It feels more personal like that, which I thought worked because this is me filming my own day. I think the most challenging part of this video was figuring out how to indicate movement and also time passing. When I went to the movies, I didn’t want to be at my house and then suddenly at the theater. So I filmed clips of me closing my laptop and a few of me in the car, as well as progress clips of me getting stuff for cereal out of the pantry and fridge. These sort of transitional clips are what made it so difficult to make the video only 60 seconds (leaving out the credits). However, I think that was also the most interesting part of making the video. I wanted the viewer to be able to clearly follow along with what was happening. I think the video could have been improved if I’d had a better camera; unfortunately, all I’ve got is my phone.

To put all of my clips together, I used the iMovie app on my phone. The picture below shows what the main video editing screen for iMovie looks like. Right off the bat, I’d like to point out the little question mark icon (  ) in the top right corner. Clicking on that will give you helpful hints as to how to make your movie great.

The theme that I chose for my movie was called ‘Simple’, and I felt it fitting for the kind of average day vibe I was going for. If you want to look through the themes available, you can click on the little gear icon (  ) at the bottom right.

As you can see, there’s a lot of themes to choose from. There’s also a few other options, like video filters. I chose not to use a video filter, wanting to keep my film neat and straightforward, but I did tap the option for the video to fade in from black. That done, I started to add in my clips. By tapping the film reel and music note icon (  ) you bring up the screen below on the left. Tapping ‘All’ should get you to the screen on the right.

Notice at the bottom of the screen that you have three options: Video, Photos, and Audio. Right now we’re just working with Video, but I’ll get to the Audio tab later.

To insert your clips, you simply tap them on the screen and click the downwards arrow icon (  ). This places them into your film, and you edit them from there. The next step I took after adding all of my clips was the adjust the audio. To avoid copyright infringement, since this video was going on Youtube, I used the music provided by iMovie itself. To adjust audio, tap the audio tab on the bottom right.

As you can see, you have a lot of options regarding what audio to place in your video. I knew I wanted to keep it simple, and make it more like a miniature vlog, so I just went to the theme music section. From there, you can tap each title to listen to a preview. Just like when adding clips, to add music to your video, just tap the downwards arrow icon.

The theme music I ended up choosing was ‘Travel’, because I felt that it fit the mood I was going for. Music selected, I went back to the main video editing screen to take out the audio from my voice clips so that the music could be clearly heard. To edit audio within the clips, tap on the clips and then on the speaker icon (  ). From there, you can raise and lower the dial as needed. The only clip I left the volume on for was at the end, where I turn off the lamp. I liked the finality of the sound and felt that it closed out the video well when combined with the light shutting off.

By tapping the icon in between each clip (  ) you can edit the transitions between them, but I decided I liked the default transitions the best. From there, I decided that my video was done! I saved it and posted it on Youtube from my phone. There were a few iMovie features I didn’t try out making this particular video, but I’m planning on checking them out later.

Thanks for joining me on this average day!

Guidelines for this assignment can be found here.

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3 Responses to 60 Second Day

  1. Nicole says:

    Your cat is so pretty! You did a nice job explaining the steps for iMovie. I’ve only used it once and didn’t explore it that much. It’s nice to know there’s a lot more that can be done with it!

  2. Tyler Withers says:

    I really like how you used transitions between all of your different video clips. It helped the story flow much better than if you just had the video jump from one clip to the next every time you wanted to change scenes. Great work! I also really like how you were able to go in depth about how you created this assignment. This will definitely help future DS 106 students who are struggling with this assignment.

  3. Shane McSally says:

    Loved the video! Your breakdown was super useful for people who have never used iMovie and made it super easy to recreate, The only question I have is what movie did you see??

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