Contradiction Creation

Feeling good about life today? I was too, until I decided to craft a demoralizing poster. It got a little darker than I thought it would with this assignment. I chose it because the preview image for the assignment appealed to me, in terms of design; it felt minimalist but powerful, with the words simply laid over the image for the viewer to take in. I wanted to see if I could create something with impact like that.

For this assignment, I used the website Fotor. Fotor has been really useful in a number of my assignments for this class, mostly daily creates. I could have used GIMP for this, but chose instead to use something I was already familiar with to put text over an image.

I like using their ‘Design’ feature for this class, since I feel that it gives me more freedom over editing the image in a way that fits the purpose of this class. For this assignment, I picked the ‘Card’ option.

The image I chose to start with was a photo I’d taken of a field last year:

I imported the image onto Fotor so that I could then edit and add text over it.

With this assignment, I wanted to take a really peaceful and beautiful scene of a field of flowers, and give the viewer some sort of existential dread while looking at it. Thus, I added the phrase “All of this will be dead someday.” Extremely morbid, but hey, if it fits the assignment…

To add the text, I went to the menu to the left of the screen and selected the ‘Text’ icon. Fotor gives you three options: heading, subheading, and body text.

Since I would only be adding one caption to this photo, I chose the heading option. Fotor then added a text box over my image that I could move and edit as I wished.

I then typed my caption into the text box, and made the text white so that it could be seen more easily. I also changed the font from ‘Abril Fatfact’ to ‘Antonio’, since I liked the way that it lined up over the image better.

And with that, my depressing image was complete. I saved it as a .png file, renamed it, and thought for a long while about how our time on this earth is limited.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Guidelines for this assignment can be found here.

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2 Responses to Contradiction Creation

  1. Tyler Withers says:

    I like how you took a beautiful picture of a landscape and added text that was very unexpected while reading it, but very true at the same time.

  2. Shane McSally says:

    This assignment cracked me up! I loved seeing your submission, it is very witty, yet kinda true. Very clever.

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