Design Blitz

I think some of the key principles of design rely on the fact that human beings like both patterns and opposites. After reading up on the design principles provided to us, my impression was that I should always be striving for at least one of those in my photos. If not repetition, then contrast. I tried to keep all of this in mind as I completed my design blitz and ended up with four photos I was somewhat satisfied with.

The first photo I took was the photo to show balance. I arranged two pairs of  black and white shoes over a nondescript wood floor that wouldn’t distract from the foreground of the photo. I had to adjust to shoes several times to get the effect that I wanted; I was trying to go for radial symmetry, but it ended up being more the colors that gave the photo balance.

The second photo I took was one to show unity. These chunks of crystal are sitting on a shelf underneath the fish tank in our living room. I liked the idea of taking a photo of these because, despite the fact that they could all be photographed separately, they are similar colors, sizes and materials. These factors tie the objects together over a black background.

The third photo I took was a photo showing typography. I thought that this photo frame set was a good example of how typography can be a key part of a design. The typography in the three words here is the same font; its color also matches the photo frames around it. The fact that the text is part of the same phrase, and its coloring is similar, serves to make this array of photos feel like one cohesive piece, rather than a bunch of framed photos all in the same area.

The fourth and final photo in my gallery is a photo that shows rhythm. The object in the photo is the planner that I use to keep track of school and work responsibilities. The cover has a bunch of cute succulent plants, which is what attracted me initially, but the design also has those cute succulent plants in a repeating pattern across the cover of the planner.

Design is pretty tough, but I knew that coming in. I think assignments like the design blitz through the unit have given me a vehicle to practice and play around with design more often, though, and I can only strive to improve.

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