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Anyone up for a movie night? I sure am!

I’ve designed quite a few posters for events I’ve organized as an RA, but I’ve never used a computer to make them. I thought it might be useful to try my hand at making a poster digitally so that I could have that option for poster-making next year. The first thing I did was create an event for the poster. I decided to have an ocean-themed movie night, showing two animated movies: Finding Nemo and Moana. This would be a good event for residents to come, relax, and put aside the stresses of school for a few hours. The event would begin at 6:30pm on Friday, July 14th, and be held in the lounge of my hypothetical building. I would make sure to specify that snacks and drinks would be provided; that’s usually a huge selling point to get people to stop by events.

With all that information worked out, I then opened up Fotor to begin working on the actual poster.

For this assignment, I clicked on the ‘Design’ option. From among their design choices, the ‘Poster’ option seemed like an obvious decision.

With my blank poster set up, I went in search of a background. I used Google image search to find a picture of the ocean, saved it, and uploaded it onto Fotor.

The next step was to add the necessary information to the poster.

I tried to choose a heading that would catch a person’s interest, while also making the text large and attention-grabbing. I put a gray background under all of the text on the poster so that it could be more easily read. This also made the poster look more uniform and tied the text together. I used a heading size text for the words at the top, a subheading size text for the words in the middle, and a body text size for the words at the bottom of the poster.

There was a noticeably empty space after I was done adding text. This was a perfect place to add more color to the poster and to make it even more eye-catching. I chose to add a picture of Nemo with a transparent background, knowing that he is a familiar character that people might take notice of as they are walking by the poster.

With thematic and eye-catching images, and all of the information residents would need to know where to go and what they would be doing there, my poster was complete!

Guidelines for this assignment can be found here.

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  1. Sarah Roche says:

    Your tutorials are really useful!

  2. Kayla Boyer says:

    Great Job on this assignment, I love that you chose Nemo and Mona as the movies because I love Nemo and I really want to see Mona once I finally get some free time (if I ever actually have freetime). I really like the font you used and how it overlays the ocean background that is pretty cool.

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