Lessons in Photography

I’ll be the first to say that I am as much an amateur photographer as you could possibly get. I had a brief photography phase in middle school, but I didn’t really have an eye for it–and I still feel that I need way more practice, though it was nice to slow down and really try to learn what makes a good photograph. Throughout the week, I tried to keep the tips listed on the ds106 website in mind.

1. Tip Used: Change My Perspective By Changing Yours

Usually, I take pictures of my cat while looking down at him. However, for this photo, I placed the camera at his eye level. My cat hates looking into the camera. He has a sixth sense that tells him when one is on him. Honestly, I’m impressed with this photo if only because he’s actually looking at me and I wasn’t holding a treat.

2. Tip Used: Pay Attention to the Moment

With this photo, I wasn’t really expecting to take it, but then I saw how pink the sky was outside and how it was making everything on the ground pink too. I knew the clouds would look really beautiful with all their different colors as well, so I didn’t hesitate before taking a photo. If I hadn’t been paying to attention to the colors outside than I wouldn’t have gotten this photo.

3. Tip Used: Look to the Light

The first light source I thought of when reading this tip was the sun, but that was super obvious. I wanted to look for a more unique light source to the look to. Then I remembered the miniature pond out on the porch, and grabbed this photo of the filter in it lighting up the bubbles and water around it. You can also see ripples in the water in this photo, which I like.

4. Tip Used: Create Depth

I decided to take a simple landscape of a picture of a sunset and add more depth to it. In order to do this, I took the photo through a car window, creating a dark frame around the sky. I had to sit and wait for opportunities when trees weren’t blocking the sunset.

5. Tip Used: Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background

I discuss this tip in my blog post about my best photo of the week.

This week I learned a lot about photography; mainly that I should slow down and be both pickier and more patient with the photos I take. One tip I wished that I could have tried was “Use the Best Lens”. This seems like a good tip for people with nice cameras, which I do not have access to at the moment. Still, I did the best with what I had!

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2 Responses to Lessons in Photography

  1. Sarah Roche says:

    I love the third photo you posted using the tip to “look to the light.” That picture came out great, it’s abstract enough that I have to somewhat question what it’s a picture of but it has enough clarity from the reflecting light that I’m able to make a few assumptions. Love it!

    • admin says:

      Thank you! That one was really fun to take. I was so scared I was going to drop my phone in the water on accident!

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