Week 4 Summary

As always, I started on Monday by reading over our summary for the week and planning out what assignments I would be doing and on what days. I also did my first daily create on Monday. The assignment was to create a dancing robot, and it turned out really cute and fun! I spent a long time deciding what music I wanted the robot to dance to.

After that, unfortunately…I didn’t really mean for Tuesday to continuously be a day off for me, but I ended up getting sick. So Tuesday I didn’t really do much besides lay in bed with my cat.

However, I was ready to dive back into action on Wednesday! I did my second daily create, filming something in my apartment making a horror-worthy sound. I really need to get the hinges on that door seen to.

On Wednesday, I also completed my first blog post, a reflection on Robert Ebert’s ‘How To Read A Movie’. Reading this article was interesting both because I haven’t done a lot of film studies before, and because I’m taking an introductory film class in the fall. I viewed this as a preview of what was to come in that class. Just like in photos, a lot of thought goes into arranging the perfect shot for a movie.

On Thursday, I did my third daily create of the week.  This one was interesting because initially, I had no idea what Talking Tina was or what I should even be editing into the photo. After completing the assignment, however, I put some episodes of the Twilight Zone onto my watchlist.

That day I also wrote up my second blog post, an analysis of a scene from ‘The Thing’. I enjoyed being more than a passive viewer of the film. I was also amazed to find that a lot of Ebert’s comments on film methods seemed to be true in this movie, since I’d really never thought about it before reading that article. I also discovered something new about the movie that I hadn’t considered before! All in all, I think this blog post was the one I had the most fun with all week. On Thursday, I also filmed shots of my day to be edited into the ’60 Second Day’ assignment on Friday.

Before I got to editing the video on Friday, I made sure to do my last daily create of the week. I chose the goat picture to be edited into random art because…I mean, come on. It’s goats, and goats are adorable. The art is created didn’t turn out how I expected at all, but I kind of like it.


That done, I could finally sit down and edit my clips together for my ’60 Second Day’ assignment. Writing the tutorial for this assignment was difficult; I had a hard time deciding how to most helpfully convey how I edited my video together, even though iMovie is such an intuitive program.

On Saturday, I could fully focus on my ‘Narrative Ambiance’ assignment. I was really excited for this one, which is why I saved it for last. I have a lot of books I love, and I was interested in seeing how filming a video for a passage from one of them would change my view of the passage itself. I think carefully considering how the shots I was taking would evoke the emotions of the passage deepened my understanding of the scene.

This week I left comments on Nicole’s, Tyler’s, Taylor’s, and Shane’s blogs. What I found most interesting when looking at everyone else’s posts was the wide variety of programs used to create and edit video. I was especially impressed that Shane used his camera to capture his time lapse and then connected the camera to his phone to put it all together. It made me want to get a nice camera and try it out for myself!

I think my assignments this week could be improved in a few ways. I wish I’d had a better camera, rather than just my phone. I also feel that I could have benefited from trying out different video editors, rather than just iMovie; however, since I did only have my phone, it seemed obvious to use it for both of my video assignments this week. Something I feel I did really well on this week was my film analysis blog post. I put a lot of focus and attention into analyzing the clip, and I hope it shows in my writing and in the media I embedded into the post. I’m a beginner at making films, but this week has given me confidence that with a lot of work, I could create something amazing.


Daily Creates

Dancing Robot, Horror Noise, Find Tina, Abstract Photo Art

Video Assignments

60 Second Day, Narrative Ambiance

Blog Posts

How to Read a Movie, Film Analysis of ‘The Thing’

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