Week 5 Summary

So, our last week of class was all about the final project. I thought it was the perfect way to tie together all that we’d learned, and I knew right off that I wanted to create something a little silly. I was inspired by the new Spiderman movie to create something using that story, but I knew I shouldn’t just do a retelling of it, especially with how well-known the story is. Then I thought, hey, what’s more fun and silly than taking the story of Spiderman and reversing it? And thus, the tale of Manspider was born.

Final Project

Final Project Tutorials

Before taking this class, I knew how to do…pretty much nothing. I was very intimidated by the assignments. However, I became a digital studies minor because digital knowledge is vital in this day and age. I knew more than I had expected, and I knew that with a little time and patience I would get the hang of whatever we needed to do to make our assignments great. I learned how to use GIMP to edit photos. I learned how to use Audacity to edit sound files. I learned how record videos to post on Youtube. I learned more about design, and what sort of composition draws the human eye.

I think out of all of these things, I enjoyed learning how to edit audio the most. It allowed me to do a few of my favorite things: structure a story, and do readings of passages I like. I loved the sound effect story so much that I pretty much did it again for my final project. However, while I loved audio the most overall, I think the project I enjoyed most individually was my Narrative Ambiance video. I think it could be improved in a lot of ways, but it allowed me to showcase one of my favorite books, while also thinking more about what each line I was reading meant. I put a lot of thought into what shots to film for each line. Some other projects I enjoyed were the GIF-making assignments.

Unfortunately, I struggled with the photo editing pieces of our class. I felt the photos never looked how I wanted them to, and those assignments were where my own skill level frustrated me most. I’ll definitely have to take a lot of time with GIMP and other programs in the future. I’m not sure manipulating photos will ever be something I truly enjoy, though.

All in all, I’m satisfied both with my work and what I’ve learned from taking the class. I do wish that earlier in the semester I’d been more detailed in my assignment blog posts and weekly summary, as I lost points for that, but I tried my best to make up for it later. Writing tutorials was an especially great experience because it forced me to think about how to best communicate what I was doing to another person. You are truly in command of knowledge if you can teach that knowledge.

Thanks for a great few weeks everyone!

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